College of Medicine: Come Back, Pay Forward

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College of Medicine: Come Back, Pay Forward

College of Medicine Reunion

Your reunion year is a special occasion to reconnect with classmates and reflect on what your time at The Ohio State University College of Medicine means to you. Celebrate your reunion year by paying forward to today's medical students through a gift to any of the funds below!


Alumni celebrating their reunion year are encouraged to support:

The Ohio State University Fund for the College of Medicine (312022)

Provides much needed support for medical student scholarships, student/alumni programming and other priorities of the Dean of the College.

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center (316383)

Supports the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center (new home for the College of Medicine) building project.

College of Medicine Diversity Programs Fund (314009)

Supports programs/activities on diversity in College of Medicine for students, faculty/staff or other constituents, including Clotilde Bowen Annual Lectureship on Diversity.

MEDPATH Program Fund(303070)

Supports MEDPATH - Program’s aim is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities and students from educationally and/or socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds who enter medical school, and who show evidence of a commitment to practice in a medically underserved community. 


The following reunion class years have established funds to support current medical students:

The Class of 1960 Medical Education Scholarship Fund (661130)

Established July 13, 2007 with gifts from alumni of the 1960 medical class of the College of Medicine; used to provide one or more scholarships to medical students in the College of Medicine based on academic merit and/or financial need.

Medical Class of 1965 Endowed Scholarship Fund (644803)

Established August 28, 2015, with gifts from members of the medical class of 1965; to provide scholarships. First-time recipients shall be enrolled in the College of Medicine and display financial need, especially those with significant prior/current student loans or high academic merit/performance.

The Medical College Class of 1970 Fund (604800)

Established September 10, 1970, by class members in memory of Samuel A. Marable, M.D. Income and principal, if needed, support medical education, student programs, patient care and research.


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