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Pay 4ward Triple Match 2018

216 ​Buckeye Engineers have made a gift on behalf of the Pay 4ward match!    These gifts have totaled $24,177 which will be matched 3-1! 

Pay 4ward Triple Match 2018

Please visit our 2019 Pay 4ward Triple Match page!


It's back!  We are thrilled to be able to once again offer a triple match opportunity to College of Engineering graduates from the classes of 2009-2018 during the month of November.  


Thanks to the support of generations of Buckeyes who came before you, we have been able to enhance nearly every aspect of the college experience for students. Their support for buildings, labs, professorships, student organizations, fellowships and undergraduate scholarships have had a transformational impact on the college. Now it is your turn to help Pay 4ward.


To emphasize the importance of giving back, a small group of passionate engineering alumni led by Jim Dietz ( BS '69, MS '70, chemical engineering) and Rob Savage (BS '83, industrial and systems engineering) have come together for a really special opportunity. 


For every $1 you donate to the College of Engineering until Nov. 21, it will be matched with $3, literally quadrupling the impact of your gift! You can choose to support scholarships, a primary need in the college, or any other impactful initiatives you are passionate about within the College of Engineering and Knowlton School of Architecture. Don’t miss out on the chance to quadruple your impact and make a gift today!


A few details: 


Who is eligible for the match? 

All College of Engineering alumni who graduated between 2009 - 2018.  


What is the timeline for the match? 

Gifts made from November 7 - November 21 will be eligible for the match. 


Where can I give?  

As long as you make a gift to support a cause, organization or any other effort within the College of Engineering, it will be matched. Wherever you give, the match will follow.  If you give $100 to support civil engineering students, another $300 will also go towards that cause. 


How do I designate where I want my gift to go? 

All gifts are setup to go to support scholarships in the College of Engineering, one of our primary focus areas.  However, on the donation page you can select "Other" to support a different cause. In the comments, please specify where you would like your donation to go. Please try to be as specific as possible so we can match it up with the correct fund. 


What are the ways I can give? 

For gifts to be eligible for the match they must be made through this online platform, or through the student call center.  


Do the match count towards recognition levels at the university? 

No. Only your gift amount will count towards university recognition levels. 


Other questions? 

Please contact Patrick Lynch, or 614-292-4081 if you have other questions. 

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