Young Scholars Program

For more than 35 years, the Young Scholars Program (YSP) has actively transformed the lives of countless scholars from the nine largest urban school districts in Ohio. By providing scholars the opportunity to learn how to go and to succeed in college, YSP has transformed the lives of its scholars, their families and their home communities. Our program has opened doors to a wide range of experiences at The Ohio State University, Ohio communities and beyond.

As a proud alumnus of Ohio State, a first-generation college student and the Executive Director of the Young Scholars Program, I am asking you to join me in the 2024 YSP Buckeye Funder City Challenge. Please represent your YSP city pride and contribute to this exciting initiative. Your giving will contribute to the continuation of YSP, our scholars programs and services. I encourage you to share how YSP has transformed your life, and I encourage you to invite your friends, family and companies to invest in your namesake, too.

Dr. Chila Thomas, YSP Executive Director

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