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The Association for Women in Mathematics

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The Association for Women in Mathematics

We appreciate any contributions that would help us reach our goals. Thank you for supporting The Ohio State University Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics!

Our Goal

We, the Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter at The Ohio State University (AWM), are currently hoping to raise $1,500 to fund our organization. We will primarily be using the funds raised from this project to fund our upcoming events this semester. One exciting event we are looking forward to is the Integral Bowl, which we will be hosting in March. The Integral Bowl will be a competition, much like a spelling bee, where students compete both individually and on teams to see who can do integrals with the most speed and accuracy. The entire campus is invited to attend, and we expect a large turnout for the event. As such we hope to secure enough funding to provide food and giveaways for the event as well as exciting prizes for our winners! Other events that we will be hosting this semester that require funding include a Pi Day celebration, a gender bias training seminar, a focus group about the current climate in the math department at Ohio State, as well as various social events throughout the semester. The majority of the money raised will go towards funding our events for the semester as well as operational costs for our organization.

The second item we hope to raise funds for is a new initiative for our organization. Math textbooks are among the most expensive and can range from $50-$300. As math majors, we often have to buy two or three math books per semester, which is often difficult for students to afford. As a result, we would like to be able to subsidize this cost for our members. A percentage of the money will go towards giving back to our members through textbook funding. We will give members money to use towards their textbooks for the semester. Though this will likely not cover their entire textbook cost, it would relieve some of the burden created by buying math books.

Any funds raised over our $1,500 goal will be utilized towards AWM efforts.

Our Purpose

The Association for Women in Mathematics is a national organization with a chapter here at Ohio State. AWM is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 and the national organization currently has more than 3500 members (women and men) representing a broad spectrum of the mathematical community — from the United States and around the world!

Our chapter was formed a few years ago here at Ohio State to help bring the goals of AWM to our campus. Women currently represent only 34% of the undergraduate mathematics major at Ohio State. With women in the minority in the math department, it is important for them to feel empowered and have their voices heard. Through our AWM chapter, we give students the opportunity to connect with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates, as well as encourage them to be candid about struggles they have faced within the math department. Additionally, we hope to inspire more female undergraduate students to consider continuing their education to a Ph.D. in mathematics. Currently, only 13% of Ohio State’s 123 Ph.D. candidates are female, and we hope that by promoting research and graduate school opportunities to undergraduates this ratio will increase.

Since its founding in 1971 by a small but passionate group of women mathematicians, the Association for Women in Mathematics has grown into the leading national society for women in the mathematical sciences and is one of the 16 societies comprising the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. AWM’s programs not only support those who participate in them directly, but also help to influence the mathematics culture more generally so that young women entering the field today encounter an environment that is more nurturing than that of the 1970s and 1980s. AWM has played a critical role in increasing the presence and visibility of women in the mathematical sciences in the nearly 50-year history of the AWM.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


AWM national organization website

Our OSU AWM Facebook page

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Base 10

Base 10 refers to the numbering system in common use around the world, that uses decimal numbers. It consists of (in the following order) thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, decimal point, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths, etc. A donation of $10 represents this important system!


Pi (π)

Understanding pi (π) is as easy as counting to one, two, 3.1415926535… As an irrational and transcendental number, it will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern. In fact, $31.42 is a rounded multiple of pi (π) and a donation of this amount will help AWM fund our annual Pi Day, held on March 14th!



The Association for Women in Mathematics was established in 1971! A donation of $71 will help with the operational costs of our club and also allow us to put on fun and informative events for our members.


Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson is an African-American mathematician who mastered complex manual calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee. Her contributions were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. manned spaceflights. She has received over 150 awards and her story was depicted in the three-time Oscar-nominated movie Hidden Figures.



The typical cost of a current-edition mathematics textbook at OSU is $220. A donation of this amount covers the cost of one textbook for an AWM member.


Emmy Noether

In 1935 Emmy Noether was called "the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far" by Albert Einstein. She overcame many hurdles to develop the mathematical foundations for Einstein's general theory of relativity and made significant advances in the field of algebra.


Integral Bowl

AWM currently has more than 500 members (women and men) representing a broad spectrum of the mathematical community – from the United States and around the world. Not only this, but a donation of $500 will help AWM to fund our Integral Bowl event – it's like a spelling bee, but with integrals!

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