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Building Confidence with Cohort

November 25, 2019

My name is Ali Tomsho, and I’m a third year Fisher student from Delaware, Ohio, studying Information Systems with minors in Analytics and Computer Information Science. 


Growing up in Columbus, Ohio it had always been my dream to come to The Ohio State University. The people, culture, and fast-paced environment caught my attention and had held it ever since my I had my official tour three years ago. 


Now as a junior at Ohio State, I have even more admiration for the students, faculty and programs offered through the Fisher College of Business. This spring, I was selected among 30 people to be a member of the 23rd Honors Cohort. 


After being only weeks into the program, I can say that I have grown more in the past few weeks than I have during the past two years at Ohio State. I have become more confident presenting my own ideas, working on teams and growing professionally. 


One of the events that helped me build that confidence was our Mock Super Day. As a student focused on technology and software, I often find myself intimidated by interviewing and networking. But at our Mock Super Day representatives from several different companies visited to help us prepare for interviews. We moved with a partner between six different companies to be asked an interview question from each company. We were provided immediate feedback on our answer from both our cohort partners and the interviewers.


This experience helped me develop professionally and helped me feel more comfortable moving into interview season. It also allowed us to gain exposure to real interview questions and to network with recruiters at some of our favorite companies. Walking out of that event, I felt confident professionally and was ready to implement some of the advice and feedback that I received through this event going forward. 


I wouldn’t have had this confidence-building experience had it not been for Cohort. That’s why I want to thank you for your support of the program. It means so much to me and the other 59 students in Cohort. 


Great teams have great teammates.

November 08, 2019

Hello! My name is Connor Buehler. I’m a third-year Fisher student specializing in finance and human resources with a minor in history. I am thankful to be a member of the 23rd Cohort. It has been an experience like no other! 


One of the best moments was when we recently headed over to Schottenstein Center to meet with Chris Holtmann, the third-year head coach of the Ohio State men’s basketball team. He was kicking off our Honors Cohort Impact Challenge, which is a six-month-long journey into making a difference in our community through service projects. 


Just before Coach Holtmann arrived, Ty Shepfer, program director of Honors Cohort, had presented our team assignments. We could not wait to get started. But the process of building a new team to accomplish so much in so little time at first seemed daunting – almost “impossible.” 


But the coach’s inspiring talk was by far one of the most interesting and inspiring conversations I’ve ever experienced. He began by saying, “great teams have great teammates.” 


I am a basketball fan. However, regardless of sports, to hear about his time as a leader, to hear his advice regarding our own new teams, and to gain insights from someone who inspired a team that was destined to fail but performed far above expectations was very impactful for my classmates as well. 


Just two years ago, Coach Holtmann had been put into an uncomfortable situation by leaving what he had grown accustomed to at Butler. He faced the fire with full force and, in doing so, accomplished what seemed “impossible” only a few months earlier. 


Although a large majority of our talk was focused around being a great leader, fellow Cohort student Chungeun Cho raised a great question about being the best follower that you could be in a team environment such as Division 1 College Basketball. 


Chungeun recalled, “Coach Holtmann answered by saying that the water boy is an essential part of the team, and nobody thinks of him as a follower but a leader who helps the team. It meant a lot to me.” 


While we begin the process of being on teams of up to eight students, this is an important thing to remember – sometimes it is more important to thrive in your specific role than to be the overall leader. We all want to accomplish this in what will probably be the most testing months of our young academic careers, and we can’t wait, because we all have great teammates. 


On behalf of myself and the entire 23rd Honors Cohort, thanks for being part of the Honors Cohort team, and thanks for supporting the Honors Cohort 2019 fundraising campaign!


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