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Sex Ed Week at Ohio State 2020

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Sex Week 2020 - Week Four Update

January 26, 2020

Hi! Remember us? The OSU student org that keeps telling you about our month-long fundraiser?


We're back in time for one of our last weekly updates! This fourth week we raised another $409 for our Buckeye Funder campaign. That means we have now raised $1,965, almost two-thirds of our $3,000 goal! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our heart for all of your gracious help and support.


As we are in our final week (5 days to be exact!), we are asking for donations one last time. $2,000 dollars will help us do so much with Sex Week 2020, but can you even imagine what $3,000 could do?? Just picture it–pretty cool, huh? Consider giving now or sharing this fundraiser to help make these visions possible. 


You'll hear from us one last time, but thank you tremendously for your continued support throughout the month. This Buckeye Funder was a major success and we are so grateful to have people like you helping us out.


All of our best,



Check this out

January 12, 2020

We are so grateful, in fact, that the members of SASHA wanted to create a video to show you just how much we appreciate you. Check it out! Make sure you watch until the end, or else you may miss out on some good bloopers. 



Sex Week 2020 - Week Two Update

January 12, 2020

Hi again everyone!


We are wrapping up Week Two of our Buckeye Funder campaign and we are so excited to share that we raised another $306 this week. This puts us at a total of $1,309, almost 50% of our $3,000 goal!


Again, we are so grateful for everyone who already donated to our fundraiser. With your help, Sex Week 2020 is going to be better than ever.


But, *pssssst* we still have three weeks left in this fundraiser! If you have not had the chance to donate, or you want to share this page with someone as interested in serving the Buckeye community, our fundraiser is up until January 31st! Just click the "Give Now" button, or the "Share" to help us out.


Thank you so much again!



Sex Week 2020 - Week One Update

January 05, 2020

Hello everyone!


We are so, so pleased to share our first Sex Week 2020 funding update. We have raised $1,003 this week, about 33% of our total goal of $3,000!


To everyone who has already donated, we cannot express our thanks enough. With your help, we can now treat more than nine cases of Chlamydia (at $109 a case!).  We never could have imagined a better kickoff and we are so appreciative of everyone who already contributed to our mission. 


If you haven’t able to donate yet, don't you fret, there’s still time!  You can click the "Give Now" button above to donate and our fundraiser will be open until 11:59 PM on January 31st.


Thank you again for donating, sharing, and reading! You'll hear from us again soon!



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Focus Areas

SASHA has 5 focus areas: Sexual Health Foundations, LGBTQIA Health, Reproductive Rights and Policy, Healthy Masculinity and Pleasure.


Previous Events

Sex Week 2019 had 16 events! This year we're looking upwards of 18! Help us grow with your donations.


STI Infections

Nationally, 15-24 year olds account for HALF (50%) of all new STI cases annually. Help us help students learn more about protecting themselves from sexually transmitted infections.


Ohio State Students' Education

72% of Ohio State's students are products of Ohio schools. That means 72% of students' sex education was unregulated and unpredictable!


Treatment for Chlamydia

Typical treatment for acute chlamydia costs $109! Think of all the money we can save with prevention-based sexual health education.


Gonorrhea Cases in Ohio

There are 215 new cases of gonorrhea per 100,000 people in Ohio each year.


Number of Attendees Last Year

We had EXACTLY 569 attendees last year. To double or triple that number we need your help!

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