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Kelleys Island 4-H Camp

$20,810 from 201 donors

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Fundraiser Update

August 13, 2020

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Fall Plans Update

Because of your generous gifts, the Kelleys Island Board has been able to keep the campgrounds in working condition over this long summer and has started plans for their fall/spring improvement projects. While many of the planned projects are not highly visible, they are no less important! One of the main improvements is the plan to insulate one of the most used buildings of camp: the rec hall. If you have ever been to the camp dance, you know that building gets HOT! Insulation of the rec hall has been long overdue and although it may not be a huge visual change, it will benefit every single camper for years to come.


Along with the campground’s improvement projects, the 4-H educators who camp at Kelleys Island have been working on an improvement project of their own. With a small portion of the funds raised, the educators are brainstorming ideas to add a new “excitement” factor to camp. We hope it is a great surprise to welcome back our campers in 2021!


In addition to projects and updates, your support is helping us to prepare for when we can host our campers again in the future. Thank you for believing in the benefits of camp and outdoor experiences for youth as well as supporting our efforts with your donation.

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Fundraiser- THANK YOU

June 26, 2020


On behalf of Kelleys Island 4-H Camp and the thousands of young lives that have been transformed by Camp, we wish to thank you for your support of our Buckeye Funder Campaign!


This special campaign allowed us to generate just over $15,000 to help continue to keep our camp viable and continue our mission for future generations of campers. While our public campaign to raise funds has come to an end, please know that the need is still real. The Buckeye Funder platform will continue to be available for donations through the end of August if you or someone you know feels compelled to pay it forward to future generations of campers.


The Kelleys Island 4-H Camp staff, board, and educators are very thankful for all that has been done to help keep Kelleys Island 4-H camp going. With the funds, the camp will be able to open its doors in 2021 and hopefully even complete a few small improvement projects that will benefit the next generation of campers.


Kelleys Island 4-H Camp is truly a one of a kind camp and we will be forever grateful for your help to keep it going. #KI4HCamp

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Fundraiser Update

June 16, 2020



We are over 75% of our goal!


We are in the final week of the Buckeye Funder campaign for Kelleys Island 4-H Camp. We couldn’t be more thankful for the overwhelming support we have received over these past few weeks. We have had well over 100 different donors from various counties and states. What a way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kelleys Island 4-H Camp!


Through this experience we have had the chance to reminisce on past camp experiences, hear stories from alumni generations ago, recall old songs and skits, and reflect on how Kelleys Island 4-H camp has impacted so many lives.


We are so close to achieving our goal thanks to our Kelleys Island 4-H Camp family and friends. We need your help, now more than ever, to spread the word to help Kelleys Island 4-H Camp financially. Donations will directly go to the camp facility so they can provide experiences & memories for years to come. #KI4HCamp

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Fundraiser Update

June 08, 2020


We are almost halfway to our goal!


We truly appreciate everyone’s support of Kelleys Island and all of the other Ohio 4-H Camps! If you haven’t already, please share this campaign with other 4-H families, alumni, and supporters so they can share their love of camp and invest in the immediate future of these camps.


Supporters across the nation, have chosen to give back to Kelleys Island because KI 4-H Camp was a place that had given so much to them. Weekly challenges have allowed past alumni to share their stories, reminisce on camp past times, and encourage the next generation of campers to embrace the camp experience. No matter how long it's been since they have attended camp, these alumni all have a story to tell.


Take a moment to participate in this weeks challenge by telling someone else about a camp skit you enjoyed or share that memory on social media along with the link to donate. Camp is a one in a million experience, let’s help to get kids back in 2021! #KI4HCamp

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Alumni Testimony

June 01, 2020

“First I was afraid to talk to people. I was so shy and so homesick the first night. I am sure that my 8-year-old self would have cried even more if they were told they would end up attending camp EVERY single year through 4-H and even go back a few times to help out after graduating. Camp seriously became my home away from home and I would find myself counting down the days to camp as soon as summer started. KI Camp was one of few places where I have felt 100% comfortable and 100% myself.”

-Kelleys Island Camp Alumni


Not every camp story is the same but one trend about KI 4-H Camp would likely stand out with any past camper; KI Camp was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for helping so many past and future campers!

Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Alumni Testimony

May 25, 2020

“Kelleys Island 4-H Camp is unlike any other camping experience in the state. From the moment you arrive at the boat dock, you can feel the energy start to change. After checking in with the camp staff, campers meet their counselors and instantly start building bonds with their fellow campers. With parents waving their goodbyes from the dock, the ferry ride begins! Counselors, campers, and staff can be heard for miles shouting at the top of their lungs classic camp songs. These songs continue on the bus ride (or tram back in my day)  around the island. As the group gets closer to camp, the excitement only grows. As the bus pulls into the driveway, you can see the campfire circle where so many skits and songs have been performed over the years. You can see the three flag poles representing camp, community, and country. You see the craft barn where campers can express themselves and create tangible camp memories. The dining hall sits atop the hill, managing to keep up with the hundreds of hungry campers. Down the hill is the rec hall where nightly activities bring the whole camp together. On either side of the drive, cabins dot the tree line and act as the campers home away from home. The nature barn can be seen just beyond the rec hall. It is home to many Kelleys Island native species and sometimes a few interesting camp pets. The drive continues alongside the camp and leads to one of the most memorable places at camp; the Lake Erie beachfront. All of these things are memorable when I think back on 4-H camp, but what I truly remember are all of the friends and unreplaceable memories I made at 4-H camp over the years.”

~Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Alumni


As you can tell from the above statement (and many more stories you could find as you ask around to any past camp alumni); Kelleys Island 4-H camp is a special place for so many people. We truly thank you all for your contributions to the Kelleys Island 4-H Camp Fund and the memories you will help to pass along to generations to come.

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