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4-H Camp Clifton

$48,636 from 338 donors

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June 30, 2020

Thanks to you, 4-H Camp Clifton was able to reach their initial fundraising goal and go beyond! The funds raised through this project will help #FundTheFire and keep the Camp Clifton spirit alive for hopefully many more generations to come and maintain our facilities this year. Even though we feel this campaign was an amazing success, our camp still has significant financial needs as we deal with the lost income of not being able to hold camp this summer. The Buckeye Funder platform will stay open for donations for the rest of the summer if you or someone you know would like to contribute. We greatly appreciate all the support shown towards 4-H Camp Clifton. Thank you for your dedication to help camp be there for future generations of 4-H members. 

Week 5: Camp Memories Challenge

June 17, 2020

We are blown away by the support for 4-H Camp Clifton these past few weeks! 


We are so excited to share that because of 302 generous donors from 9 different states and several Ohio counties, we have surpassed our goal of $30,000 with 1 day left in our campaign. We are so appreciative and thankful for the generosity of our Camp Alumni and 4-H Friends and Families. Thank you to everyone who has spread the word and shared the message of the positive impact that 4-H Camp can have for so many campers and counselors. 


We want to see if we can raise even more for 4-H Camp Clifton! Your contribution will help sustain our camp until campers can safely return in the future. After the campaign is over, this link will remain open for donations for the remainder of the summer!


This week's challenge is Camp Memories. Camp taught you how to be brave, be a leader, be resilient, and be the best you. We have heard a lot of amazing stories from life-long friendships that come from camp, especially in these last few weeks of the campaign! What are some of the most meaningful and impactful camp memories you can share?

Week 4 Update: Camp Skit Challenge

June 08, 2020

We’re making progress towards our goal! As of today, we are 75% of the way there with only 10 days to go! We truly appreciate everyone’s support of 4-H Camp Clifton! Share this campaign with other 4-H families, alumni, and supporters so they can share their love of camp and invest in the immediate future of Camp Clifton.


This week, Camp Clifton alumni Cindy and Kate White share some of the camp memories they hold close to their hearts. Cindy was a camper and counselor at Camp Clifton during the ‘70s. “Camp will be a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience,” Cindy said. “Even though it seems simple, it is such a wonderful time at camp – the spirit, excitement, there’s no place like 4-H camp.” It’s no wonder her daughter, Kate, also camped at Camp Clifton when she became old enough.


Cindy said there was a lot of anticipation surrounding camp. As a camper, she was excited to learn the camp theme, be assigned to a cabin, and learning what tribe group she’d be in for the week. When she became a counselor, she looked forward to many activities including decorating the cabin and leading workshop classes. Cindy reflected on how camp has changed since her time at Camp Clifton. During her time at camp, the outhouse-style restrooms were up on the hill. The toilets were on the left, the showers on the right, and there was a trough in the middle where you could brush your teeth or wash up. “The water was frigid!” she remarked and that it was something you anticipated returning to camp each year.


Kate also enjoyed the different workshops held at 4-H camp. As a counselor, they were required to help with one workshop each full day of camp. These workshops covered a variety of topics such as bottle rockets, campfire cooking, and various craft projects. She said that as a camper she looked forward to her workshops and was excited to learn something new or take home whatever she made that week.


Cindy and Kate both shared how they enjoyed the silly skits counselors would do during campfire. When Kate was a counselor in 2017, the theme was “Camp Clifton’s Got Talent.” For campfire one night of camp, each tribe did various talent acts. Kate’s group put on an optical illusion skit that took a lot of practice. Another counselor performed the YMCA dance with some help from mannequin backup dancers. However, in the middle of the dance, the mannequins started falling apart! Kate said that all of the campers were laughing, along with the other counselors. She went on to say that it is such a funny memory that it’s just one of those things you remember for a long time.


Do you have a favorite camp skit memory? Take a moment this week to tell someone else about a camp skit you enjoyed as a camper our counselor or share that memory on social media along with the link to donate. “Camp is a one in a million experience. Once the opportunity is gone you can’t get it back. I would encourage everyone to go to camp at least once,” said Kate. Your contributions will help allow for youth across Ohio to have the opportunity to experience camp.

Camp Clifton Week 3 Update: Camp Traditions

June 01, 2020

What’s your favorite camp tradition?

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support of 4-H Camp Clifton! This campaign is an opportunity for 4-H members, their families, alumni, and supporters to share their love of camp experiences and invest in the immediate future of camp. Because of you, we have raised over $18,000 and are 62% to our goal of $30,000! Let's keep going to keep the Camp Clifton fire growing! #FundTheFire #4HCampNeedsYouNow


Below are some of our favorite camp traditions at 4-H Camp Clifton! What are your favorite camp traditons? Take a moment to share with someone else about your favorite traditons or share it on social media along with the link to donate. Encourage your friends to share their favorite camp traditions and to contribute to our campaign. Investing in camp today will help future generations of 4-H campers to particpate in what may be your favorite camp tradition.


4-H Camp Clifton Traditions:

  • T-Shirts/Camp Themes - What is your favorite camp t-shirt?
  • Stopping at Young's Jersey Dairy for ice cream after camp
  • Camp Group Photo
  • Flag Raising and Lowering
  • Cabin Door Decorations
  • Vespers and Inspiration Programs
  • Meals: Announcements, setting tables, ringing the bell, special occasion meals, etc.
  • Morning Activities; Polar Bear Swim, Sports, 
  • Cleanest Cabin Awards
  • Special Snacks at camp and campfire recipes
  • Campfire traditions; lighting/tending the fire, opening/closing, stories told, songs
  • Candle Lighting and/or Closing evening
  • Closing Ceremony



Camp Clifton Week 2 Update: Camp Song Challenge!

May 26, 2020

Thanks to all who have supported the campaign so far! We’re thrilled with the support for 4-H Camp Clifton! This campaign is an opportunity for 4-H members, their families, alumni, and supporters to share their love of camp experiences and invest in the immediate future of these camps.

Together we have raised $11,814 and growing!

Each week, we have a different theme to spark memories! This week is Camp Songs! Take a moment this week to reflect on your favorite 4-H camp song. Now, tell someone else about your favorite camp song or maybe sing it together through a video call. Help us ensure the next generation is able to come to camp and learn camp songs!

Help us "Fund the Fire" and Keep Camp Clifton Spirit Aglow!

May 18, 2020

Take a moment and recall one of your most favorite memories of 4-H Camp Clifton. For many of us, those memories are vivid with the sounds and smells (good and BAD!) of 4-H camp. From camp songs, to “warm fuzzies”, campfire skits, and vespers, those summer days and nights helped us to grow and become who we are today. We want to be sure those opportunities are there for kids next year and many years to come.


We all have acknowledged our own sadness as a result of camps being cancelled this summer, but our 4-H’ers have proven to be resilient and encouraging considering this decision. Protecting our 4-H family of youth, volunteers and staff is our absolute number one priority and we know that this was the right decision to keep everyone safe during these challenging times.


As a result of these camp closures, the loss of income is hitting 4-H Camp Clifton hard. To keep camp fees down, our camp runs on a very tight budget with little room to withstand substantial losses such as they are experiencing this year. Collectively across the state, Ohio 4-H camps will lose roughly $1.1 million dollars in revenue.


Please stand with us in support of Ohio 4-H camps, and specifically 4-H Camp Clifton which is near and dear to our hearts. We are anxious to welcome everyone back next year but help is needed to sustain our camp which will be without income until next camping season. Please give today and invest in camp to help grow true leaders for tomorrow.


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