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Max Hill

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Join me in supporting the student organization, Engineers Without Borders.

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My name is Max Hill and I am currently a senior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Business Minor from Cincinnati, OH. On campus, I am involved in a variety of organizations including the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program (IBE), Student-Alumni Council, Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club and College of Engineering Ambassadors. One organization that I wish I had found sooner in my college career is Engineers Without Borders – Ohio State (EWB). EWB combines what I consider to be two of my main passions: supplying the world with sustainable, clean water solutions and providing students a chance to develop their skills outside of a classroom and impact their local and greater communities.

EWB is a humanitarian engineering organization focused on providing sustainable solutions to communities in need around the world. The Ohio State EWB chapter is in its fifth year of a relationship with Njau, a small community of around 2,000 people in The Gambia. The student organization is designing a solar-powered irrigation system that involves a water pump, two holding tanks and a distribution tap system to support a local women’s garden. The first half of the system was implemented in December of 2019, and work is currently being completed to support a final trip to finish off the project. In addition to EWB’s international project, the organization is involved in a number of local projects that run on shorter timelines. In the wake of international travel delays caused by COVID-19, the organization is excited to announce two local projects for the fall semester: a water runoff collection project with the Ohio State Student Farms and a tree nursery expansion project with Green Columbus. Despite the online nature of this fall semester, EWB is equipped to progress in both its international and local sectors.

The funds collected from your support will be directly funding the expensive second phase of the irrigation system’s implementation, which will optimistically occur in May of 2021. This implementation involves the construction of a 6-meter water tower, a second holding tank and an expansive distribution system that connects the holding tanks to nine taps.

Please join me in supporting this organization to help bring clean water to the Njau Community in The Gambia and allow my fellow Buckeye engineers to grow their skills supporting the local and international community.

Go Bucks!

P.S. To learn more about Engineers Without Borders, visit their site.

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