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Emmanuel Latio

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Join me in supporting the Morrill Scholarship Program.

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Hello, I'm Emmanuel Latio, and I'm a senior studying Public Health with a specialization in Environmental Science. Currently, I serve as an Academic Success Partner for incoming freshmen via the Young Scholars Program. On campus, I've gotten to be a part of some great student organizations, none more impactful than the Morrill Scholarship Program. I selected to fundraise on their behalf, as they've been instrumental in removing many barriers to accessing my college education. 

Being the son of two East African immigrants, I learned of the importance of education through watching my parents. While hustling to raise a family and work, they were steadfast in getting their education to build their careers. Over time, I've seen them not only change the lives of my siblings and I, but I've seen them reinvest back into our family and community in South Sudan & Kenya. They've laid a legacy before me, of making sure to uplift others, while you work to move up in the world. So, in turn, we can all rise together.

With that in mind, I empathize with other students who come from backgrounds and households just like mine, where parents give their all to help their kids succeed. But even with their best, sometimes it's not always enough; thus, the Morrill Scholarship Program has been a bridge that's allowed me to unlock my fullest potential. Whether its connecting me to impactful staff, inspiring peers or unique community experiences; I wouldn't be half the Buckeye I am, without such crucial funding and work from a distinguished staff, who've served as my rock, solace and community here at Ohio State.

As Buckeyes, we owe it to ourselves to support future Buckeyes on their path to achieving their wildest dreams. Please consider giving as you're helping make the burden of college a little lighter for future Buckeyes.

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