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Nicole Mazullo

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Join me in ending the stigma surrounding mental health.

Although my giving page is no longer active, you can still donate. If you would like to provide any additional support, please do so here and specify you would like your gift to benefit Mental Health Matters.

Hello all! My name is Nicole Mazullo and I am a senior majoring in Finance with minors in Quantitative Economics and Leaderships Studies. On campus, I am heavily involved in the Fisher College of Business and participate in the Honors Cohort Program, Fisher Emerging Consultants and work as a Peer Advisor teaching an introductory business course for freshmen. Outside of Fisher, I am involved in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program and Scarlet and Gray Financial. I love all my involvements, but nothing is more exciting than being a member of the 2020 Homecoming Court; I am honored.

Let me share with you something I am passionate about and where I have tried to enact change. At the beginning of my junior year, the Honors Cohort Program challenged my peers and I to “make an impact in our local community.” With that challenge, my friends and I got to work and formed Patched, a non-profit clothing brand whose sole mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. To learn more about Patched, check out this article The Lantern wrote about our organization!

So where will your donation be going?

Being that Patched is a non-profit organization, we worked tirelessly to find an organization whose mission aligned with ours and who could serve as our main beneficiary. The student organization Mental Health Matters (MHM) immediately stood out. MHM’s sole mission has been to reduce the stigma, raise awareness and fundraise to directly support at-risk individuals at Ohio State. MHM has served as Patched’s main beneficiary ever since it’s foundation. They have been doing some incredible work and since its recent inception, this new organization has grown exponentially, engaging the university in powerful ways. With your donation, you will help MHM bring in speakers from the mental health community, raise awareness and host MHM Week - one week dedicated to destigmatizing mental health on Ohio State’s campus.

With COVID-19 serving as the backdrop for 2020, individuals are struggling now more than ever with their mental health. Now is the time to protect your mental health, and the health of others, as we continue to quarantine and social distance. Your support means finding new ways to help people during this challenging time, expanding upon and improving current resources and ultimately saving lives. If this cause is something you are passionate about, know that your support is greatly appreciated! If this cause is something you are not completely passionate about, I challenge you to think about your own mental health, or the health of those around you and support one of the many other causes my peers on the 2020 Homecoming Court are passionate about. Together as Buckeyes, let’s make a difference! 

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