Ellen's Hope for a Cure

Our mom, Ellen McKee, was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer on 10/28/19. Every year, over 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with this illness, and it holds one of the highest mortality rates of all cancer types. Mom fought a brave fight, defied odds and surpassed expectations in the hopes of a cure.

Our mom walked through life gracefully, with kindness and love to light her way. She was a beautiful blend of selfless and stubborn, fiercely devoted to family and friends. An avid Ohio State Buckeye and Steelers’ fan, she never missed a game. She was a baker with a sweet tooth unmatched by many, except for maybe her grandchildren. She learned guitar later in life and loved The Beatles, playing songs alongside her children and grandchildren. Even in retirement, Ellen (Nana) continued to provide care for all of her grandbabies - nurturing them - through reading, arts and crafts, walks, adventures to the pool, the zoo or a local park, baking, singing and dancing. 

This past Sunday, January 17, Ellen passed away peacefully in her home with all four children by her side. Throughout her life, our mom gave to others through kindness, service, volunteerism and participating in research. For this reason, we are requesting for contributions to be made to Dr. Sameek Roychowdhury's oncology team and their continued pancreatic cancer research in lieu of gifts or flowers. We are so grateful for the gift of time that these individuals granted us over the past 15 months, and our hope is for a cure, so that others do not have to endure this type of heartbreaking loss.

In 2020, we raised $5,672.32 towards Pancreatic Cancer Research. Our goal is to grow that amount to $10,000 through the life and legacy of Ellen McKee.

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