Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser in Honor of Toni Roberts

Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser in Honor of Toni Roberts

For Toni Roberts, her world was forever changed when diagnosed with Metastatic (Stage 4) Pancreatic Cancer in March, 2021. At 75 years old, this terrible disease has taken control of her pancreas and liver, but never her courage. Angry, driven and inspired, I wanted to be able to help my grandmother and many others affected by this cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is aggressive and has around a 10% 5-year relative survival rate. For those with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, the 5-year survival rate lessens to just 1%. Typically, this disease does not show symptoms until it has advanced and spread, so up to 80% of cases are unfortunately diagnosed in late stages.

As May is my birthday month, I am asking for donations in lieu of gifts. I will be donating every dollar to the Pancreatic Cancer Community Access and Treatment Research Fund, and I ask that you join in as well. Through the OSUCCC - James, this fund supports "research related to early detection, surgery, treatment and survivorship of pancreatic cancer patients as well as community outreach and awareness." This fund is extremely beneficial for patients, families, and increasing the survival rate of pancreatic cancer.

With your support and generosity, we can help fund pancreatic cancer research and support those currently battling it.

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