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Vocalize Columbus: Bringing affordable interpretation to Free and Charitable Clinics

Vocalize Columbus was founded by a group of socially motivated students to address the need for affordable and efficient medical interpretation services amongst non-profit clinics. With more than 100,000 documented LEP (Limited English Proficiency) individuals, Free Clinics struggle to meet the need for quality medical interpretation. Currently, free clinics spend up to $50 on a single interpretation session, but Vocalize Columbus hopes to offer the same services at zero cost. As the current pandemic has spurred innovation within many organizations, Vocalize Columbus has also adapted to offer medical interpretation through a unique online platform. Taking inspiration from current telemedicine practices, the online video platform will decrease the logistical burden on free clinics while maintaining the seamless communication level found with in-person interpretation. In addition, Vocalize Columbus also conducts training for interpreters to understand the ethical and clinical nuances of such a position. Such training ensures that standards are comparable to those enforced in leading medical institutions. Thus, Vocalize Columbus serves as a pipeline for medical interpretation, from training to service. Please visit our website for more information here. 

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Marketing Supporter

A small donation of $5 can help Vocalize Columbus maintain high-level marketing and website services.


Training Supporter

Training interpreters is costly, with courses and testing totaling nearly $400. A $20 donation can help a potential interpreter overcome financial restrictions that would otherwise prevent him/her/them.


Interpretation Supporter

Currently, Free Clinics have to pay up to $50 for a single over-the-phone interpretation service. A $50 donation can help Vocalize Columbus offer a superior video service for free.


Hardware Supporter

Free Clinics frequently lack the hardware to facilitate seamless video interpretation, mainly due to cost considerations. A $150 donation can support the purchase of a single hardware unit (iPad + Stand), thereby allowing Free Clincs to access our services without technological limitations.


Clinic Supporter

Currently, we estimate that a single clinic would need $1,000 for 3 hardware units and 3 trained interpreters. With one donation, you can grant a Free Clinic access to free and efficient medical interpretation.

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