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The Children's Hearing Aid Fund

The Children's Hearing Aid Fund (CHAF) raises money to provide hearing aids and hearing aid services to children and families who need support. For a child with hearing loss, appropriate hearing technology can provide access to speech and language, higher self-esteem, better academic performance and increased safety and independence among many other benefits. Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not give many benefits for hearing aids for children. As children grow, often times their technology must be adjusted to meet changes in their anatomy, hearing abilities and specific needs. Throughout the course of their childhood, these costs can add up. 

CHAF will provide hearing aids and hearing aid services to children with hearing loss and their families, at little or no cost, who may not have any other option. Your donation would help these children reach their maximum potential! Thank you!

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The Earmold

The earmold is the piece that holds the hearing aid in the child's ear. They have the option to choose their favorite colors!


The Battery

The battery is the hearing aid's power source!


The Microphone

The microphone picks up sounds from the child's surroundings!


The Receiver

The receiver is the speaker that sends the amplified signal to the child's ear!


The Microchip

The microchip is the part of the hearing aid that helps personalize sounds to a child's specific hearing loss and listening situations. It is like a tiny computer!

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