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Pay 4ward Triple Match 2021

218 Buckeye Engineers have made a gift on behalf of the Pay 4ward Match.

These gifts have totaled $44,461 which will be matched 3-1! 

Pay 4ward Triple Match 2021

Welcome to the Pay 4ward Triple Match! This is your chance to pick your passion and make 4x the impact for students in the College of Engineering. 

It's simple, $100 gift + $300 matching gifts = $400 for the fund you pick! 

As an exclusive opportunity, your gift of any amount will be matched 3 to 1 and the fund you select will receive 4x your gift! 

Which fund do you want to support? You can select a fund on this page or use the Give Now button to make your gift! If you're not sure which fund to support, please see below for more information.

  • Scholarship Funds: More than 2,000 students annually receive scholarships thanks to our donors! Your gift will reduce tuition for our most deserving students. 
  • Priority Funds: A gift to a priority fund supports the goals and pressing needs as set forth by the Dean or Department Chair. Most donors choose this option! 
  • Student Organization Funds: Your gift enables experiential learning for the organization you choose. From basic travel costs to supplies, your gift makes growth possible!

Picking your passion: Each department has a scholarship fund and priority fund, as well as the MEP program and WIE program. If you wish to designate your gift to a specific department, program or student organization, please indicate this in the textbox on the donation page. 

The match: As the holiday season gets underway, don't wait to make your gift. Be sure to do so by November 24! This is all possible thanks to generous alumni from the College of Engineering.

Whether this is your first or your fifth Pay 4ward Triple Match, please consider making a gift today!

More Details

  • Who is eligible for the match? All alumni of the College of Engineering and Knowlton School who earned a degree between 2012 - 2021.  
  • What is the timeline for the match? Gifts made by November 24 will be eligible for the match. All gifts up to $1,500 will be matched until the match limit is met.
  • Which funds are eligible for the match? All funds in the College of Engineering and Knowlton School are eligible. If you would like to support a philanthropic area that is not listed, select the “Other” button and let us know what area you wish to support in the textbox on the donation page. 
  • Which gifts are eligible for the match? Gifts up to $1,500 per donor per fund to the College of Engineering or Knowlton School are eligible for the match. For your gift to be matched, be sure to make it through this page or through a call with the Engagement Center. Pledge payments are ineligible for the match. 
  • Does the match count towards recognition levels at the university? Only your gifts are eligible for university recognition levels, the matching gifts do not count toward recognition.

Additional Questions? Please contact Anne Strychalski by email or phone (614-688-4173).

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