Make a Gift in Memory of Jill Vanuch

Happy 90th Birthday, Ellen Allender!

As she celebrates her 90th trip around the sun, Ellen Allender invites you to make a donation to The Jill Vanuch Endowment Fund for breast cancer research in honor of her late daughter. In lieu of a birthday gift, your tax-deductible donation would mean so much to the Allender and Vanuch families, as money contributed to this fund helps us get one step closer to creating a cancer-free world! 

About the Jill Vanuch Endowment Fund:

An endowment fund is a restricted fund - meaning only a portion of the interest earned from the dollars in the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the endowment. As the fund is accruing interest, the money in the fund will continue to accumulate (as only a small portion of the interest will be used). With this style of fund, the dollars will never run out, and the Jill Vanuch Endowment Fund will live on forever in her memory!

The creation of this fund is something that will make a lifelong impact to breast cancer patients and families; it may help fund new pieces of technology or equipment for better breast cancer care, create further advancements in breast cancer research, help provide physician education and training, provide genetic testing and counseling to patients and enable us to provide better support to them as well.

Thank you for your support!

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