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MHA Class Challenge 2022

$71,257 raised from 108 gifts

Represent your class by making a gift to support what inspires you

From Oct. 21 - Dec. 31, we're hosting a friendly competition to see what class will have the highest participation of giving. Every gift matters, both for the program and for your odds to take home the coveted title of “Best MHA Class.” Does your class have what it takes?

Make your gift today and support an area of need that inspires you:

Build leaders focused on health equity 

Health Equity Fund for Health Services Management and Policy – 483896

Established in May 2022, with gifts from Reed Fraley (MS 1975) and Mel Fraley (BS 1992); used to promote health equity through support of students in the Division of Health Services Management and Policy, with consideration of underrepresented populations. 

Lift up one of a kind student experiences

HSMP Case Competition – 317124

Supports the OSU First-Year Healthcare Case Competition.

Support program excellence

Graduate Program in Hospital and Health Services Administration Excellence Endowment Fund – 603301

Supports events, programs and scholarships for MHA students, including annual graduation receptions, awards ceremonies and professional development.

Champion remarkable students with a prestigious fellowship

William O Cleverley Fellowship Fund – 641304

Established June 2012, with gifts made in recognition of William O. Cleverley; used to provide fellowship support to students in the MHA program.

Attract and retain the strongest faculty

The Stephen F. Loebs Professorship in Health Services Management and Policy – 644930

Established December 2001 with a gift from alumni and friends of the HSMP Program; used to provide support for the work of a distinguished teacher and scholar in the area of Health Services Managements and Policy.  

Support the HSMP Alumni Society

HSMP Alumni Society Enhancement Fund - 303847 

For use by HSMP Alumni Society for ongoing support of its operations and programs that enhance alumni outreach, involvement, communication as well as its overall promotion of the Health Services Management and Policy graduate program.

The winner will be announced in early January and prizes will be given to the winning class.  

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