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Dr. Austin Ayars Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund in Veterinary Medicine

The Dr. Austin Ayars Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund in Veterinary Medicine was created by Bonnie and John Ayars in memory of their son, Dr. Austin Ayars. This scholarship will be awarded to a fourth year DVM student, with preference for members of the Food Animal Medicine Club and interested in pursuing a career in bovine/dairy medicine. The Ayars family has also established an undergraduate scholarship fund for early commitment students at The Ohio State University's College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

At a very young age, the only career dream of Austin T. Ayars was to become a large animal veterinarian. Through the nurturing of the family’s dairy farm experiences, 4H projects and FFA curriculum, the dream became a goal and in 2007, that goal became a reality as he graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

While an Animal Sciences undergraduate, he spent hours tutoring, was President of the CFAES Ag Council and graduated as a top Senior. On the road to his goals, he had some challenges and defining moments yet he pursued the goal. 

Austin worked hard in school developing animal husbandry methods, financial skills and relationships with the large animal aspiring vets. They planned Sunday visits to the home farm to develop basic skills followed by a complimentary brunch at the kitchen table. At that time, the group would often network with other veterinarians to ask logical and probing questions outside of the traditional classroom.

Austin also wanted and needed someone to share his heart and his vision. In 2007, he and Adrienne married in a ceremony that brought him to tears as she processed down the aisle. Together, they moved to Arizona to begin his career. During that time, Austin pursued grants from businesses and large companies that assisted in his continuing education and knowledge base. He also found his second language to be integral in developing lasting and valuable relationships with his Hispanic clients.  

As the years passed, he and Adrienne had three children. Lane and Layla were able to be fostered by his remarkable caring and “fatherly” ways, but AJ was born 6 weeks after Austin was gone. Yet this child bears a remarkable resemblance to his father.

At this time, the family seeks to honor the “uniqueness” of Dr. Austin T. Ayars in developing an endowment to honor his life and dreams. They will search to discover his qualities in aspiring undergraduates and vet students. It will not be solely based upon academics, but genuine and caring individuals who characterize those qualities of Austin.

Fate and destiny play a role in our lives. Perhaps the story of Austin’s life will be the fulfillment and inspiration of one of these deserving individuals. Although our Austin lived a short life, he LIVED and SHARED incredible moments with people and animals alike.

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