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Although our giving page is no longer active, you can still donate. If you would like to provide any additional support, please make a gift here.

Happy birthday to the 1st Home of the Stadium Scholarship Dorm

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Help the Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society celebrate the 100th birthday of Ohio Stadium all year!

Although our giving page is no longer active, you can still donate. If you would like to provide any additional support, please make a gift here.

Happy birthday Ohio Stadium!

This year we have heard so many stories of the building and atmosphere of the Ohio Stadium as it turns 100. News media have done countless stories about Ohio Stadium but not many people can say they called it 'HOME' during their college years. It has been great seeing the different interviews or comments on social media from you alumni who had the honor to live in Ohio Stadium.  

Our program may no longer be housed in Ohio Stadium, but the program continues to support worthy, smart and successful students over in Scholars East and West on the Ohio State campus. Our scholarship fund started back in the 1960's where it provided $50 awards to 3 students each year. This past year, thanks to your donations, we were able to award on average $2,500 to 10 deserving students. We use the interest in our endowed scholarship account to make those scholarships possible. More donations means more scholarships for students, so.....

The Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society wants to keep the birthday celebration going a bit longer. For the next month, we are asking for donations to help grow our Stadium Scholarship Fund. If you have donated in previous years, we THANK YOU!  We know your experience living in the Stadium Program, where ever it was located at the time, gave you support and skills you didn't even realize during that time. We want to continue to keep that cooperative spirit in the SSP for its current residents who are paying a bit more for their college experience today.

No donation is too small and please remember every donation you give grows our scholarship fund. That money doesn't go away, but it builds more interest for us to provide scholarships to deserving students. 

If you have questions for any board member of the Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society, you can contact us via our website, Facebook or email.

We wish all Stadium Alumni a Happy Holiday Season and the best in 2023.  

Go Buckeyes, Go SSP!

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Ohio Stadium is built

1922 is when our 1st home was completed and dedicated. Celebrate the birthday of Ohio Stadium, SSP's first home, with everyone and support a current student with potential scholarship dollars.


Ohio Stadium houses a Dorm

1933 was the year that Ohio State started the Stadium Scholarship Dormitory and what better place than Ohio Stadium. This "new, cooperative" program allowed many young men to have the opportunity to go to college and donations to the Stadium Scholarship fund will help keep current residents in college too.


100 years old

Ohio Stadium is 100 and there are 100 spots for students in our Stadium Scholarship Program at Honors East and West on W. 10th Ave. Your donations will help support more scholarships for more students in the program.


SSP on W. 10th Ave

2 addresses for one program. The SSP is still going strong at Scholars East, 221 W. 10th, and Scholars West, 249 W. 10th. The students work together on several committees that involve study hours and learning opportunities, service to others on campus, alumni connections and leadership programs with the 2 buildings. The "work hours" are still part of the cooperative spirit of the Stadium Scholarship Program.



Even though Ohio Stadium is no longer our permanent home, the Stadium Scholarship Program continues successfully on campus because of it's strong importance to both current and former students.

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