Minnie Memorial Fund

To know Minnie was to know love. 
It was impossible to look at Minnie and not feel like you have met one of the most beautiful souls to ever walk the earth. 

This fund is set up in memory of Minnie to help assist other cats at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center obtain the care they need when this cannot be afforded financially. Finances are not a reason someone should have to go without treatment. Cat walking on fence

Minnie was a true earth angel and now my heavenly angel. Born a feral farm cat and learning how to survive thanks to her mom. One day when she was around 6 months old, she decided she wanted something more out of life. Avoiding all human contact, one cold winter day she walked right up to me, looked up and wanted to be held. A friendship that would never be broken began that day. Every day was a good day for Minnie and she lived life to the fullest. She’d go anywhere with me including work and church. There weren't too many places I went to that didn’t know who Minnie was. She loved every moment she’d get to know someone new. She gave the best Eskimo kisses and someone being so small took up the biggest room in my heart. Despite having an immense amount of love for my precious girl, the universe had other plans. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease at just 6 years old. Minnie was light and love and sunshine and everything that is good about this world. Thanks to treatment at Ohio State, I was able to spend two more years with my best friend. When I say best friend, I mean it and Minnie was everyone’s best friend. There wasn’t a person she didn’t like. She brought so much love into this universe, that it only seems right that good continues to come from her even after her passing. Thankfully Minnie had the perfect personality to work extensively with multiple doctors and face whatever treatment came her way with strength and a fearless attitude. I knew giving up on her wasn’t an option. She touched the lives of every tech, doctor and staff member she met. Somehow having her presence in the room made the worst situations always seem better. She was so brave for every battle she faced.Cat sitting on stool in office looking at a computer screen

As a pet parent, any of us could be faced with having to make decisions that will impact our pets’ lives. If your furry family member is ever sick, the last thing you would ever want to do is say no to treatment due to finances. No pet deserves to have the quality of their life be diminished or lose their life because care is simply not affordable. No matter how long we get to love them, it’s never long enough; therefore, let’s not allow anything to reduce a time that is already short enough. This fund will help so nobody ever has to say no. No matter what size of gift you are able to give, it will make a difference, it will save a life, it will help keep someone’s best friend here a little longer. Let’s keep the rainbow bridge at bay by saying I’ve got your back; I will help you through this. Minnie helped so many, now it’s our turn to keep her legend going. She may have been Minnie, but she was mighty. It’s time to live without bounds just as she did.

You may be saying to yourself there’s so many pets out there who need help, that this won’t make a difference, but I tell you with absolute certainly, that the pet who gets to walk out the door with its owner and not be carried out in a small box, that’s where the difference will be. Even if it’s it’s just one pet saved, that’s one who didn’t die too young.

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