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Charlie was a 15-year-old Havanese whose family started the Charlie's Angels fund to support the efforts of the dedicated students and doctors at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. These special people use their talents to help animals like Charlie live longer and healthier lives, and save them from all forms of diseases and challenges. They are angels to the animals and families they work with. Charlie's family established this fund to give back and help them become better veterinarians.

Charlie’s Angels was established to provide financial support to students so they can obtain practical experiences outside the classroom. The fund covers their expenses so they can work with other veterinarians, animal caregivers, zoos and shelters. This experience gives them the understanding of what new veterinarians may face in their future endeavors, while connecting with alumni and friends of the college. Please see the updates page to see some of the great work students have been able to do with this fund.

There has been a growing number of students taking part in these experiences which in turn, will allow them to become better veterinarians. Due to this increased interest in students, the need to grow this fund has become even more important. With your help, we can provide more students with the opportunity to enhance their educational experience.

Recipients for Charlie's Angels Spring 2023

  1. Samantha Edwards, Class of 2024
    • Location: Texas
    • Focus: Mixed Animal Practice 
  2. Alycia Kent, Class of 2027
    • Location: Washington
    • Focus: Working with underserved rural communities where poverty and geographic isolation make regular animal health services unavailable
  3. Juliann Callan, Class of 2024
    • Location: West Virginia
    • Focus: Mixed Animal Practice 
  4. Tyler Lindskoog, Class of 2024
    • Location: Washington, D.C.
    • Focus: Human Xylazine Abuse and Potential Veterinary Diversion
  5. Mae Harper, Class of 2027
    • Location: Alaska 
    • Focus: Army Veterinary Treatment Facility 
  6. Taylor Thompson, Class of 2023
    • Location: Florida 
    • Focus: Veterinary Surgery 
  7. Quang Nguyen, Class of 2026
    • Location: California 
    • Focus: Small Animal Clinic 
  8. Kyle Relyea, Class of 2024
    • Location: Minnesota 
    • Focus: Companion and Exotic Animal Emergency Care 
  9. Emily Olszewski, Class of 2024
    • Location: Oregon
    • Focus: Zoo Clinical Rotation 
  10. Christine Ruffin, Class of 2024
    • Location: Florida 
    • Focus: Clinical Sea Turtle Medicine and Rehabilitation (Marine Life)

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