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Bringing Water to Marwa Village

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Thank You for Your Generous Support

October 31, 2023

It has been a while since I last updated, but I was waiting for some confirmation before reaching out. Today I received confirmation from our Tanzanian drilling company, Chem Chem, that drilling at the Mchanga Mwingi site, the second borehole location, will commence on November 6th. Without your contributions, this would not have been possible. We are extremely optimistic that this 200m deep well will yield safe, clean water for the community.

Our project team remains committed to working with Marwa to address the water crisis in their community and this is the next big step. In December, I will be traveling to Tanzania to meet with the community, companies, and government officials to begin conversations about the next steps that include storage and distribution within the community.

The community is extremely grateful for the past, present, and future support from OSU and our friends and partners. 

As always, asante sana, ashe oleng, and thank you!

Katie, Marie, Kam, Sam, Mark, Michael, and Patrick

OSU Kilimanjaro Climbers Successfully Summit!

August 23, 2023

All six of our Kilimanjaro climbers successfully reached Uhuru Peak (the highest point in Africa) at 6:30 am on August 20th, 2023. They arrived at the summit at sunrise with their team of guides. The freezing temperatures ad extreme winds could not stop them from achieving their goal of raising awareness of the water crisis in Marwa and raising funds to change the lives of community members forever.

They reached the base of Kilimanjaro at 9 am on August 21st, 2023 where they received their certificates and heard the news that their fundraising campaign was at nearly 75% of its goal. There was excitement all around as they celebrated with their guides and porters.

Thank you for those that have already donated and inspired the climbers to keep going each day.

Asante sana, ashe oleng, thank you!

Kilimanjaro Climbers Prepare for Summit Day!

August 18, 2023

We've got some exciting news from the heart of Tanzania. Our incredible team is gearing up for their final push to Uhuru Peak as they prepare to summit Mount Kilimanjaro tomorrow morning! This final stretch is a daunting task as they complete it starting at midnight and will reach the peak six hours later at sunrise. 

As the climbers make their final push, we are asking our supporters to make their final push to contribute and share the campaign as well! We are more than halfway to our goal and with this final stretch we will be one step closer to bringing water to Marwa Village. 

Asante sana tena, (Thank you again!) 

On behalf of Michael, Mark, Katie, Marie, Sam and Kam  

Kiliclimbers Start Today!

August 15, 2023

In an effort to raise awareness of the water crisis in Marwa and raise money for water projects in Marwa, four students in the SRC program, Sam Gisoldi (BME), Marie Tawfik (BME), Katie Vatke (CEGE) and Kameron Fry (MAE), CoE Associate Dean Michael Hagenberger and CoE Director of Facilities Mark Scott will start their climb of Mount Kilimanjaro today, August 15th!

As Katie Vatke said, "I am excited for the challenge of the climb after spending more than a week with the people of Marwa and seeing their water challenges firsthand. The excitement on the faces of the women and children at the borehole site as water began to flow is what will motivate me up the mountain."

They have a total of seven days and hope to push the fundraiser closer to the goal of being able to drill a second well and provide the necessary storage tank. 

Your generous contribution will bring the community of Marwa closer to the goal of "changing their lives forever."

Asante sana, ashe oleng, thank you!

Katie, Marie, Sam, Kam, Mark, and Michael

Water Erupts in Marwa!

August 08, 2023

Jambo Jambo!

After a long journey, the Ohio State University students arrived in Same where they met up with students and faculty from the University of Dodoma and our community partner, Kilimanjaro Hope Organization. The next day the team was able to travel to Marwa where many community members had gathered at the borehole site excited to observe the next step in their long journey to access clean and reliable water. The Marwa Village Chair Zafanir conveyed the impact that this water source could have. “Women and children will no longer have to walk more than 7 kilometers (over 4 miles), risking their safety each way to collect water at the nearest water source.”

Early Saturday morning the drilling began and after many hours the drilling rig hit water! (Photo 1) The excitement throughout the community was infectious. The community and project collaborators rejoiced and celebrated in dance! (Photo 2) Another community member exclaimed, "I am so very happy! The water means we will have water for food, our cattle and we will not have to make the long journey.” shared Usufu, a local community member. (Photo 3) The women of the community, who collect a majority of the water, were particularly excited. Mesia conveyed "We will protect this project because it means we no longer have to travel so far for water. A sustainability plan will be put in place to protect this project because it brings so much relief to our community.”

Students have been actively engaging with the Maji Marwa project since 2015, Dominique Surace, Class of '23 shared her enthusiasm, “The community excitement of this project was immensely clear, even though the language barrier, their eyes, and smiles told us that the multiyear effort to bring water to Marwa is close to fruition”. 

While an important step for Marwa, this borehole alone will not be sufficient to meet the community’s needs. With your support, we will be able to implement additional water access projects.

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Sharing Good Health

Clean water is vital to good health. Your donation will contribute to providing access to clean water in Marwa Village.


Giving Hope

Living in a developed country, we can take access to clean water for granted. Your donation gives hope for clean water to the current and future generations in Marwa Village.


Taking Action

By making this donation, you are taking action to provide primary schools and women's health clinics with access to clean water.


Sustaining Efforts

By making this donation, you are contributing to developing sustainable water sources for Marwa Village to improve the health and education of the community.


Stronger Students

Providing clean water at the Marwa primary schools will impact children's health which will increase the student attendance rate by reducing the number of sick days.


Health and Education

Access to clean water at health clinics and primary schools will improve the health and education of the women and children of Marwa!


Leading Change

Your donation will support the Marwa Village Council to lead the change they seek to improve the health and education of their children.


Champion for Change

Your donation will provide 7,000 liters of water storage to support women's health and the education of the children of Marwa.


Tank Builder

Your donation provides funding for the construction of a 35,000-liter storage tank. Enough water to support 150 students for over 100 days in school.


Well Driller

Your donation will provide funding for the drilling of a well that will supply water for an entire subvillage and change the lives of over 1,000 people forever!

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