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Kyla Hurns

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Join me in providing students the opportunity to engage in leadership, service and social justice.

Although my giving page is no longer active, you can still donate. If you would like to provide any additional support, please make a gift here.

Hello! My name is Kyla Hurns, and I am a current senior from Southfield, Michigan. I am majoring in Public Management, Leadership and Policy with a minor in Education Policy. After graduation, I plan to begin my career as a Business Analyst at Kearney in Chicago, Illinois. During my time at Ohio State, I have joined multiple organizations and involvements that have shaped my college experience. Some of my involvements include Undergraduate Research, the Undergraduate Student Government, the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program, the Undergraduate Society of Black Leaders, Ohio State Honors & Scholars as an Honors Student, the 117th Class of the SPHINX Senior Honorary and a proud Morrill Scholar at The Ohio State University. My success and involvement at Ohio State would not have been possible without the Morrill Scholars Program. These experiences gave me the communities that have supported and guided me throughout my college career, and led me to my passion for serving and advocating on behalf of students in higher education.

My Ohio State journey would not have begun without the Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP). To be fair, I was not born a Buckeye. Being raised in Michigan, all I knew was that Ohio State was Michigan’s biggest rival, and I would be a traitor if I ever thought about the school. My dad grew up in Cleveland and heard great things about the Ohio State Morrill Scholars Program so he begged me to apply. When filling out my Ohio State application, I checked a box to apply for the Morrill Scholarship Program by submitting my essay without a real understanding of the journey that was about to begin. A few weeks went by and I received my official acceptance letter from Ohio State. After a few more weeks passed by, I was at a friend's house studying for my AP Chemistry exam where I received an email letting me know that I was awarded the Morrill Scholarship which covered the cost of out-of-state tuition. In that email, I read that I was invited to Distinction Weekend where I would have an opportunity to visit the campus, meet current Morrill Scholars and interview for the full cost of attendance scholarship. When attending the Distinction Weekend, I realized that I immediately felt at home on campus while being surrounded by other scholars. During the drive back from Distinction dinner, in the hotel parking lot, I paid the initial deposit for securing my spot in the Class of 2024. In March, right before news of the COVID pandemic hit, I received a call from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Ohio State where I was told that I had just been awarded the full cost of attendance scholarship. When I started my college application process, I would have told anyone that I would have ended up at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. I never thought I would end up in Ohio but Ohio State chose me. Looking back it seemed like I was destined to become a Buckeye.

My experience as a Morrill Scholar affirmed my passion for equity and facilitated relational development with students and community members of color. Whether its connecting me to impactful staff, inspiring peers or unique community experiences; I wouldn't be half the Buckeye I am, without such crucial funding and work from a distinguished staff, who've served as my rock, solace and community here at Ohio State. The Morrill Scholarship Program is an incubator for some of the most invigorating activists and advocates on Ohio State’s campus. This community has served as a safe and brave space for many marginalized students and those interested in social justice and has provided them with the tools to change our university for the better.

It is truly an honor to serve as a member of the 2023 Ohio State University Homecoming Court! I hope that you will help me reach my goal of filling in all 50 states on the donor wall by making a gift today, sharing my Buckeye Funder page on social media and supporting the Morrill Scholars Program by telling those you know about my cause. Thank you so much for your support!

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