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Nick Wead

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Although my giving page is no longer active, you can still donate. If you would like to provide any additional support, please make a gift here.

Hello! My name is Nick Wead, and I am a graduate student pursuing a law degree from Moritz College of Law at THE Ohio State University. Prior to law school, I attended Fisher College of Business at Ohio State where I specialized in Economics. In addition, I earned a Certificate in Leadership Studies. During my first two years as an undergraduate, I was involved in a co-curricular program called Politic, Society and Law Scholars (PSL) and a general member of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) in the Governmental Relations Committee. In my sophomore year, I served as the Football Director of Block O. As an upperclassman, I was elected to serve as Block O’s President from 2020-2022, and as a senior, I volunteered as a Student Organization Success Coach through Student Life. Now, in law school, I volunteer as an Admissions Ambassador, I am a Staff Editor for the Ohio State Law Journal, a council member of the nonprofit organization Let Me Run and a coach for the Franklin Flyer – the Special Olympics track team.

At a campus as large as Ohio State’s, it is easy to get lost in the vast student population and ultimately feel isolated. Block O served as the foundation for my sense of belonging and the catalyst for my personal development as a leader. In a leap of faith and a desire to be more involved, I entered the election for Block O’s Football Director. By some miracle, I was elected. It became my responsibility to uphold student section traditions from over 80 years in the making, all while galvanizing thousands of fans to enhance the gameday experience in The Shoe. Not too shabby for a young sophomore student with practically no experience! After defeating the inevitable imposter syndrome, I came to love my contributions to the student experience and sought to further my impact. As President of Block O, I was able to do just that. In the face of a global pandemic, my capacity for leadership was tested immeasurably. Together, with the support of my Executive Board, we weathered the circumstances and maintained operations using innovative solutions. By senior year, we revived all of the sports sections and revitalized the gameday experience once buried by the health restrictions.

Block O made Ohio State more than just an education for me; It made it a home. The friendships forged in Block O are ones that transcend time and feel more like family. That short four-year period gave life to countless memories that will forever elicit a big-wide grin and gleeful thought of “remember when…”! Perhaps most importantly, my time in Block O molded me into the person I am today. Trials and tribulations were met with failures but also growth. Despite the ruthless challenges faced, I had a team that both aided my success and depended on my contributions. No matter the circumstances, there were peers who believed in me and placed their trust in my hands. Because of their faith in me, I was able to flourish and leave behind a legacy that I am proud of. As I celebrate my past achievements and march toward my future endeavors, I strive to pay my experience forward so that the next generation of Ohio State students might stumble upon my path and be welcomed with the same kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon me only years before.

In exploring how this mission towards paying it forward would best be achieved, I consulted current Block O leadership. We concluded that investing in the newly established Block O Alumni Society (BOAS) would best serve the future of Block O and overall enhance the value of its current members. The mission it serves is to provide fellowship beyond graduation and promote connectivity between current Block O students and Block O alumni. In its efforts to advance the interests of Block O, BOAS is focused on three main objectives: getting alumni involved with the Block O community, paying it forward through funding student scholarships and leveraging professional networks to help students transition upon graduation. Donations from this fund will directly benefit current Block O students by supplementing the event fees for BOAS Programming. These donations will allow current students to attend alumni society events at a reduced or eliminated cost making it more accessible for all Block O students. With the Block O Alumni Society newly established, this is a critical period to build strong connections that will grow BOAS membership and ultimately provide greater value and opportunities for future Block O students. Thank you for helping me continue to make an impact on Block O and contribute to the future success of the Block O Alumni Society. With my sincere gratitude, Go Bucks!

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