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About the Pay It Forward Project

The Pay It Forward Project at Ohio State Marion provides students in English 2367.01S, entitled Language, Identity and Culture in the U.S. Experience, with the opportunity to oversee a competitive grant process all while meeting the goals and objectives of a second-level writing course. 

In other words, students learn first-hand about the problems in the community of Marion, meet with non-profit organizations working to fix the problems, and then decide how to award grant funds in order to make a positive impact. 

During this process, they are building their skills for an English course by researching, analyzing, thinking critically, arguing, debating and writing papers. This experiential, real-world, service-learning class provides students with education that lasts longer than one semester and builds students’ understanding of the problems in the community while at the same time making a difference in the community of Marion.

*This Buckeye Funder campaign is being run by students in English 3304, Business and Professional Writing. They are applying their professional writing/communication skills in this real-world application of marketing, fundraising and teamwork. Help them be successful at reaching their fundraising goal.

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Give to support students' education, build a caring citizen and invest in a unique service-learning experience.


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Giving at this level continues to support the excellence in education and unique service-learning experiences we offer at The Ohio State University, even on our regional campuses, like Marion. Show you care about this important connection between students' education and giving back to the community - making a difference that impacts people's lives beyond just one semester ... and isn't offered at Michigan.


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Each dollar improves the lives of those who are struggling in Marion, Ohio and at the same time provides college students with life experience, not just a grade.


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Teaching how to give money and time to others is an important part of this learning experience. Your giving shows philanthropy in action, and that is exactly what students see first-hand through their service-learning in the course.

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