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Lemur Conservation

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Notes from the field!

March 27, 2017


Thank you all so so much for all of your support this far. We are in the final week of crowdfunding and even though we are only half way to our goal every little bit helps! The money raised so far will help provide travel funding for continued work in Madagascar. I am currently in the field in Madagascar helping to perform health evaluations on critically endangered lemurs!! This project will help us to continue to find new ways to evaluate health and conserve these incredible creatures. Below are images  of a Diadem Sifaka recovering from sedation after blood work and physical examinations were performed. This work is vital in making sure that these wild animals remain healthy!

Thanks again!


Fun Facts about Ring-tailed Lemurs

March 17, 2017

Ever wonder how big lemurs are? Or how old they live to be? Check out this video with King Julian, an animal ambassador, to learn all about lemurs and how wonderful they are!!!!

The Story of The Indri and Sifaka

March 10, 2017

There is a Malagasy folktale that goes like this:

In the beginning Sifaka lemurs had no tails and the Indri lemurs did. One day the Sifaka asked the Indri to borrow his tail to go to a party. The Sifaka took the tail and never returned it, which is why today Sifaka have tails but Indri do not! The story also says that this is why Indri lemurs have such a mournful call, as is illustrated in the video.

Both Indri and Sifaka are highly endangered and are two of the species being monitored around an active mining site. Sifaka lemurs specifically are the focus of my project and we are trying to investigate new and better ways to monitor their stress and health. By doing this we can better evaluate the impacts of conservation measures!

By contributing to this project you are helping provide funding to gain crucial information about these lemurs and their ability to thrive in the wild! Thank you so much for your time and support!



Meet Paul, The Red-Ruffed Lemur!

March 03, 2017

Check out this video highlighting Paul, the red-ruffed lemur! Learn about how incredible lemurs are and the risks they face!

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Ring-tailed Lemurs

Ring-tails are one of the most common species kept in zoos. They are highly social living in large groups of 10-20 individuals.


On an Isle Far Away

The island of Madagascar, which is the only place that lemurs live in the wild, is almost 10,000 miles from Columbus, Ohio.



Indri lemurs are one of the largest species of lemur. They are monogamous and stay with the same partner for life.


Lemurs in Trouble

There are approximately 103 lemur species on the island of Madagascar. 75 of these species are considered to be either endangered or critically endangered


So Many Species

Currently there are over 100 species and subspecies of lemurs on the island of Madagascar.


Sifaka Lemurs

These lemurs were named by the Malagasy people by the sound of their call, shif-auk.



This elusive species of nocturnal lemurs has long fingers that they use to tap on logs to find termites. They are the topic of many Malagasy folk stories

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