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Understanding America’s Fragile Ecosystem Health

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Project ended on November 30, at 11:59 PM EST
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Thank you

December 05, 2019

Now that our campaign has ended, we want to say Thank You to our donors for supporting this project to help the Ecosystem Health Program grow. While we did not reach our goal, the support we saw for our program is very exciting, and we are eager to see what the future holds for our program and students. 


If you missed your opportunity to support our project, you can still do that here

Time is running out!

November 29, 2019

We are officially ONE DAY away from the end of our campaign to help grow the Ecosystem Health program! Time is running out to support this project! 


To our supporters so far, thank you, and please continue to share our project with your network!


There is still time to make your gift to support our goal of purchasing a boat for our growing program! Any gift, no matter the size, will help support our program. As we approach the holiday season and the end of the year, make your gift today to support the Ecosystem Health Unit!



The Ecosystem Health Program's BuckeyeFunder has only just begun!

November 12, 2019

We are a little over one week in on our campaign to purchase an in-shore boat for the Ecosystem Health program! Thank you to those of you who have supported our project so far, your contributions will go a long way! While we still have a ways to go, we are excited about our successes so far. 


Another way you can help our project is by sharing our campaign. If this is something you resonate with, please share our story! Every gift, no matter the size, will help us as we work to add to our program and expand our offerings for our students! Thank you! 

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Endangered Species in Ohio

Did you know Ohio has 25 listed endangered and threatened species? Give $25 to support research toward preserving and sustaining these species!


Egg Incubation Period

An alligator egg incubates for around 65 days. Give $1 for every day of an alligator's incubation period and support their growth and development!


Ohio State's Sesquicentennial!

The Ohio State University is 150 years old! Give $150 to celebrate the long history of our institution!


How large is Lake Erie?

Did you know Lake Erie is 241 miles wide! Imagine trying to cross even part of that with just a kayak.


The threat of algal blooms

The last algal bloom in August 2019 covered approximately 620 sq miles at its peak. Give $620 today to help us get out on the water and study these dangerous anomalies!


Alligator Eggs

Through our research, we have hatched hundreds of alligators from just over 1000 eggs in Ohio in the last two years of which all hatchlings were returned to Florida!

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