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4-H Camp Whitewood

$22,281 from 139 donors

Camp is quiet, but we are still working to make the best better!

July 23, 2020

Thanks to donors like you we have been able to utilize the quiet of this summer to continue making updates to camp. We have been working hard to complete a few projects that would be more difficult while campers are here.


While many projects are not highly visible, they are no less important. We have been able to make updates to the water and wastewater systems that will improve performance and allow them to continue to run longer into the future. Erosion control, program equipment updates, and lawn restoration projects are ongoing and trail updates are scheduled for this summer and fall with visiting staff.


We have also been able to spend a little time putting a much needed fresh coat of paint on some of our highly used areas including the rifle range, pump house, and outdoor living skills (environmental education) building. These updates have really freshened up some of the highly used camp areas.


In addition to projects and updates, your support is helping us to prepare for when we can host our campers again in the future. Thank you for believing in the benefits of camp and outdoor experiences for youth and supporting our efforts with your donation.


If you are in the area, feel free to join us for a family camp open house this Saturday, July 25th or Sunday August 16th from 10 am-4 pm. A few camp activities will be available. Participants are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and asked to wear a mask. We look forward to seeing you.


Thank you,


Camp Whitewood Management

Thank you for your support of Camp Whitewood

June 24, 2020

Dear Donor,

On behalf of Camp Whitewood and the thousands of young lives that have been transformed by Camp, we wish to thank you for your support of our Buckeye Funder Campaign. This special campaign allowed us to generate just over $18,000 to help continue to keep our camp viable and continue our mission for future generations of campers. While our public campaign to raise funds has come to an end, please know that the need is still real. The Buckeye Funder platform will continue to be available for donations through the end of August if you or someone you know feels compelled to pay it forward to future generations of campers.


Thank you,

4-H Camp Whitewood Staff and Board of Directors

Our impact goes beyond the week of camp, for some it becomes a lifestyle.

June 17, 2020


We are overwhelmed with appreciation for all the generosity the community has shown through the Buckeye Funder campaign. Your donation to camp will help us continue our work of developing youth, individuals, and leaders through our programs.


The experience of coming to camp as a camper can last for one week of summer, or it can last a lifetime. Many of our campers go on to take on leadership roles at camp. We wanted to share the journey of our current program director, Dakota Ward growing up in the Camp Whitewood family.


"Growing up, there were many jobs I wanted to do. NASCAR driver? Yes! Firefighter? Of course! Astronaut? You betcha! Never, would I have ever thought that growing up I would be working at a camp. I remember the first day I heard of Camp Whitewood. I was a member of a local 4-H club called FlockMasters. Our advisor was sharing some of her past experiences from Camp Whitewood and talking about all of the people who have gone there. My friend sitting next to me nudged my arm and said we should go to camp together!  That summer we signed up to go to Camp Whitewood not knowing what to expect. Little did I know, it was going to be one of the best weeks of my life. As every summer came around, I looked forward to attending Camp Whitewood as a camper. When I got older, I applied to be a counselor like the ones that I had as a camper. Working as a counselor taught me so many important skills: time management, leadership, behavior management, self-confidence, and so much more. Most importantly, becoming a counselor taught me to care for others.  


After aging out of the counselor phase, I decided that I still wanted to continue my path at Camp Whitewood. I joined the summer staff to continue growing as an educator and to help teach the youth in the community about the great outdoors.  My experiences at Camp Whitewood have taught me so much and after graduating college I knew that this was the job for me. Now I have the opportunity to be the program director here at Camp Whitewood. As I plan activities and work with staff, I think back to that very first week I attended Camp Whitewood. I think of all the great memories that I have made, all the great friends that I made, and all of the great people I consider my family. Camp has given me the opportunity to make lifelong relationships with people from Australia, Spain, England, and even the Czech Republic. Camp will always have a big part of my heart and I can’t wait for it to be a part of yours too." 


Thank you for helping Camp Whitewood continue to be a part of the story of growth and development for campers like Dakota for years to come!

Camp is a special place for donors like the Hagerty Family

June 08, 2020

As we look back at memories of our time at camp, former camper, staff member, and donor Cheryl Huberty Hagerty shared the following:


"4-H Camp Whitewood is a place where memories are made! Being a camper generated the memories of crafts, nature hikes, line dancing, campfire skits, mail call, singing after meals, and being with friends. Being on the camp staff provided the memories of teaching line dances, playing parachute games, instructing archery, working in the camp store, eating Lena and Saville's delicious food, and working with a lot of awesome people. Being married at the campfire circle in May 1975, allowed my husband and I to start our life together in a location that allowed us to enjoy the natural beauty of the world, celebrate with friends who also had experienced camp, square dance in the rec hall, and have a very special place to remember."


We thank Cheryl & Lloyd for their support and donation in Honor and Celebration of their 45th Wedding Anniversary 


We love sharing in celebrations and stories of donors, supporters, past campers, and staff. These are the bonds that bring past generations of our camp family together. We appreciate everyone who is able to contribute and support the future of making memories like these for future generations of Whitewood Campers.

Friendships leave lasting Footprints at Camp Whitewood

June 01, 2020

Camp Whitewood is where Portage County 4-H Youth, Sarah Kline made some of her best friends and memories she could have ever asked for. When she was 8 years old, Sarah went to camp for the first time and met a boy who, over the years, through late-night talks, a passion for everything camp, and shared time as both campers and counselors grew to become a great friend. When they became juniors in high school, Sarah took a chance at a counselor training meeting and asked Jarrett to be her prom date which started a beautiful relationship. They returned to camp many times but 5 years later when they returned as adult staff, following in the path of another great love story originating in that exact spot, he proposed on Footprint Rock. Some of the friends Sarah and Jarrett met through Camp Whitewood were even lined up to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. Camp Whitewood is their forever home that has blessed both with opportunities for growth and love from a family spanning multiple counties. 


We always love to hear stories of campers' memories, friendships, and relationships that started or grew at Camp Whitewood. It's a great time to reach out to an old camp friend and relive some memories. If you have memories to share with us at camp, we would love to hear and share them as well. 

Thank you for supporting 4-H Camp Whitewood

May 26, 2020

Thanks to all who have supported our campaign so far! We’re thrilled with the support you have shown for Ohio 4-H Camps! This campaign is an opportunity for 4-H members, their families, alumni, and supporters to share their love of camp experiences and invest in the immediate future of these camps.   


Camp Whitewood is a place to build memories for our campers and counselorsand a place to build life-long skills that build tomorrow’s leaders. Camp Counselors like Jesseca Housel from Ashtabula County have proven to use their skills in the real world. According to Jess, Camp has given her the opportunity to see growth and change in herself overtime through the preparation and planning it takes to make Camp be successful. Planning a weeklong summer camp for 150 youth campers is not easy and takes hours of planning, training and organization. As a life-long 4-H member, Counselor and Camp Dean, she has gained many skills through Camp and has also built friendshipsfoundations and professional networks to last a lifetime. Camp has made a lasting impression on the work that Jess plans to do in the future helping people with a degree in Criminology and Justice StudiesYour support helps campers and Counselors like Jesseca realize their fullest potential and grow into true leaders.  

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