Dr. Scott Bennett Scholarship in Equine Veterinary Medicine

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The funds raised will provide financial support to an Ohio State University 4th year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student who plans to pursue a career in equine medicine, with preference given to a student interested in pursuing a residency in equine surgery. Established in honor of the memory of Dr. Scott Bennett, DVM (OSU 1977) (ACVS), this scholarship will continue his life-long legacy of developing young practitioners in the art and science of equine veterinary medicine and surgery and honor his passion for the equine, particularly his love for The American Saddlebred.  An avid breeder and owner of American Saddlebred horses, Dr. Bennett was awarded the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award by The American Saddlebred Horse Association.   Once the fund passes the $100,000 threshold, our collective gifts will guarantee annual scholarship distributions forever

Dr. Bennett graduated from Ohio State at the age of 23, one of the youngest graduates ever in the history of the school. Even while in school, he participated in pioneering surgical work on one of the first successful canine hip replacement surgeries.  But his true passion was horses and within five years of graduation, he established Equine Services, a state of the art 24-hour ambulatory and equine surgical facility in Simpsonville, Kentucky.

Through his three-plus decade career, Dr. Bennett lead the profession by introducing and perfecting techniques in equine reproduction, diagnostic modalities and regenerative therapies for soft-tissue injuries. Surgery was his true passion and he loved demonstrating and sharing the techniques he developed over the years through both direct education and participation in industry events.

Professionals and amateurs alike in the horse business remember Dr. Bennett with the highest praise for his care and skill in caring for their beloved steeds – rescuing many horses from seemingly career-ending injuries and illnesses. But just as important to Dr. Bennett as the direct care given to his patients was the mentoring of students, interns and young veterinarians (and even horse owners who just wanted to understand more about the treatments their horses were receiving).  

Dr. Bennett truly deserved the labels of “Pioneer/Mentor/Innovator”, and we hope you will join us in helping the next generations of Ohio State University veterinary students to follow his and their passionate love - the care of horses.

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