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OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble Performs at ClarinetFest® 2017

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Interview With Our Arranger!

May 25, 2017

Dear Friends and Family of The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble,

We are grateful for the success of our Buckeye Funder campaign thus far, THANK YOU, sincerely! Our project is now in the last week period. We are still working hard to achieve our $10,000 goal.

We would like to share this update featuring an interview with our resident arranger, Dr. Evan Lynch. Here Dr. Lynch discusses about his Finlandia arrangement and its process. Watch this video below to see how this piece come to life!

The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble is very fortunate and thrilled to premiere Dr. Lynch's arrangement at the ClarinetFest® 2017 this July! This experience will continue to bond together our musicians, and have a profound impact on their careers. Please consider supporting us to travel and perform in Orlando, Florida.

Thank you very much for your continuing support,

~The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble


"Úlet" Sneak Peek!

May 21, 2017

Dear friends, clarinet and music lovers, and supporters of the OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble,

Happy Sunday! We are proud to present highlights of popular tunes from clarinet repertoire! Can you name them all?!

One of the pieces we are going to perform at the ClarinetFest® 2017 in Orlando, Florida, this summer is called "Úlet" which means Flight in Czech. Aleš Pavlorek, Czech clarinetist-composer, indeed takes the listeners through a flight of clarinet repertoire staples. These pieces are what Christopher Purdy, Host of Music in Mid-Ohio live broadcasts, would call "Music you know you know, even if you don't know you know it." This masterful collage includes major pieces from composers such as Weber, Brahms, and Saint-Saëns. The piece ends excitingly with a classic entertaining tune.

This update will feature a sneak peek of the OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble rehearsal of Pavlorek's "Úlet" for five clarinets and two bass clarinets! 

We hope you enjoy clarinet music as much as we do! Please share it with your friends and families!

Thank you very much for your continuing support,

~The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble


Why Attend the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest® 2017?

May 17, 2017

Dear Friends and supporters of the OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble,

With our first two weeks of our BuckeyeFunder campaign complete, we are grateful for the success so far. Thank you so much for your continuing support!

The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble musicians are from just about everywhere from the US and overseas! This diverse group of talented clarinetists is invited to perform at the ICA annual convention on July 28th! We are honored and extremely excited for this wonderful opportunity! Many of us will experience this convention for the first time, and some of us cannot wait to return!

This update will feature the clarinetists of the Ohio State University ClariNetwork Ensemble, discussing their reasons for attending the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest® 2017. Please check out the video update below! Learn more about ICA ClarinetFest® 2017 click here.

Thank you again for your donations and support,

~The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble

World Première

May 12, 2017

Greetings! Welcome and thank you for visiting our campaign!

We are the ClariNetwork Ensemble from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio! Our clarinet ensemble consists of the OSU clarinet studio under the direction of Dr. Caroline Hartig, professor of clarinet. 

As the first update, we are very excited to share with you some highlights of one of the pieces we are going to perform at the international conference ClarinetFest® in Orlando, Florida, this summer! 

This arrangement of Jean Sibelius' Finlandia Op. 26 for clarinet choir is by Dr. Evan Lynch. Dr. Lynch recently graduated this weekend from our very own OSU Clarinet Studio, where he served as Graduate Teaching Associate. He is currently the Executive Director of the International Clarinet Association.

The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble will be giving the world premiere performance of Dr. Lynch’s arrangement of Sibelius' Finlandia Op. 26 for clarinet choir on July 28, at 10:00 AM! at the ClarinetFest® 2017

Please enjoy this wonderful recording in the video posted below!

Stay tuned for more updates about our project! We thank you in advance for your donation and your support,

~The OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble

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E-flat Sopranino Clarinet

The E-flat clarinet is one of the smallest and most mischievous​ members of the clarinet family.


B-flat Soprano Clarinet

From Mozart to Benny Goodman to The Beatles. The B-flat clarinet is the most commonly used today in Classical, Jazz, Klezmer, Folk, Pop, and ​more!


The "A" Clarinet

Prefer a "darker/ mellower tone"? Meet the "A Clarinet." Almost identical to the B-flat clarinet in appearance, the A clarinet is pitched a half-step lower!


Basset Horn (aka Basset Hound)

One of Mozart's favorite instruments, the basset horn is a unique gem in the clarinet family! It is rarely heard in any ensemble today. Help us bring our basset horn and its player, Michael Bednarsky, to perform in Orlando!


Bass Clarinet

It plays an octave lower than the soprano B-flat clarinet. The Italians called the instrument glicibarifono (pronounce: gleetchee bariphono, meaning "sweet-deep-sounder")


B-flat Contrabass Clarinet

The lowest instrument of the clarinet choir! It is often used in film music for a "surreal" kind of sound. Our "Beast Paperclip" is known to be the be​st friend of its player, Bailey Clanin!


Sponsor a Student

The estimated cost for each clarinetist to attend the 5-day convention is $470, please consider giving full sponsorship to a clarinetist!



Help send 22 members of the OSU ClariNetwork Ensemble to perform at the International Clarinet Association Convention!

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